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Fable II – Somewhat Initial Impressions

by on Jan.14, 2009, under Gaming

So I figured that I would write up a little blurb about Fable II as I’m playing it again.  I had previously played it for about 2 hours before stopping because of all the bug reports that were flowing in and because it made my xbox sound like it was going to lift off.  It just wasn’t fun and because of this, I thoroughly got to enjoy Fallout 3 which I never would have if Fable II was released AFTER going through a QA stage.  Okay, that’s out of the way and more eloquently said that how I really feel.  I got word last week that a large number of the game ending bugs had been fixed in a patch that was released this past Saturday.  On Sunday, I installed the game to the hard drive, fixing the cd-rom noise and constant hiccups, and installed this new patch to hopefully allow me to play the game all the way through.  That story will be for another day as I’m not that far along in the game.  Upon starting up my “hero” again I noticed that the game ran much much better.  The xbox was silent, moving around was very smooth, and going in and out of the menu is now nice and quick.  First impressions are good!  Also, I made 90,600 gold in the 77 days since playing last.  Not too bad for doing nothing!  I start walking around and find a new town called Oakvale.  It’s a beautiful country town and the people are nice to me.  It’s almost surreal how well made these locales are.  I decide to chop wood for an hour or so.  It’s the most boring thing ever, but I was having a blast for some reason.  I start getting back into the feel of the game and it’s now completely consumed me.  This game is really awesome.  It’s not violent really, though saying that may be misconstrued:  I’m trying to be good, though there’s a temple where I have to do a few bad things.  I went to this temple and learned that I need to have people follow me there and sacrifice them by spinning the “Wheel of Misfortune”.  I bring 3 villagers and a monk there and impale them to death.  I go and find a few more monks (They give you more points upon sacrifice) and shock them with lightning.  Only their skeletons remain.  After getting so many points, this evil monk guy tells me to make the ultimate sacrifice, so I go get my husband (I’m playing as a girl for the same reasons I played Fallout 3 as a girl), bring him to the circle, and light him on fire, killing him and netting me a pretty sweet sword.  Later dude.  My kid is in an orphanage and I’m ready to continue on my journey.  From now on though, I’ll be trying to be good 🙂

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