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by on Sep.10, 2013, under Gaming, General

Here I will show updates on my gamerscore as I cross 10,000 point barriers because, well, I did it once, so I might as well continue to do so!!  New updates will be in red.

1-20-2009 – Well, I crossed the 10,000 gamerpoints mark yesterday.  This was the first year that I have ever had MLK Jr day off from work and a few weeks ago I decided to take it as a gaming day.  I played mostly Fable II and really enjoyed it.  The achievement that broke the barrier was the following:

I had to sub target both weapons of a Hollow Man, and then sub target his head to finish him.  At the end of the day, I had 10,065 points and had maxed the stats of my character in Fable II.  Now on to 20,000!

10-29-2009 – I crossed the 20,000 point barrier last night.  I have been watching this ceiling for a while now and hoping that I would pass it when Modern Warfare 2 comes out, but I got there faster than I had thought.  The achievement that broke the barrier was the following:

In DJ Hero, after you have successfully gotten 40 hits in a row (on Medium, 60 on Hard) you have the option to “Rewind”.  When the game tells you to rewind, you spin the platter back and can repeat what you just played, but with a bonus multiplier.  Do this 20 times and hit all the notes and you get this achievement.  Now on to 30,000!

12-7-2010 – Yesterday afternoon I broke the 30,000 gamerscore ceiling.  I had the day off from work for some pre-op appointments for my shoulder reconstruction surgery that’s taking place tomorrow, and I spent a good amount of time playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  It’s been a little over 13 months since I broke through 20,000, with not many 1000/1000 games played.  The achievement that broke the 30,000 gamerscore barrier is the following:

Plumber is an achievement in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and deals with finding an artifact in the Shrine of Cloaca Maxima.  There are six shrines in this game, and finding them all nets you some sweet armor, which I grabbed a few minutes after completing this, the last shrine.  I like this achievement because the picture of it is a throwback to Super Mario Bros.  The creators of the Assassin’s Creed franchise seem to like putting little nods to SMB in their games, and I approve of this.  Now on to 40,000!

6-21-2011 – 40,000 gamerscore was broken yesterday, almost without notice. I’ve gone back to playing Lego Star Wars and have been enjoying the game. It’s not a terribly difficult game, and I usually end up chuckling a few times each time I play, so I will continue playing it, possibly until 100% completion. We’ll see! Anyways, the achievement that broke the barrier this time is the following:

Shoot First is an awesome achievement. Lego Star Wars is loaded with achievments for killing a certain character with another, and this one requires you to kill Greedo with Han Solo. As we all know, something snapped inside George Lucas’ head when he retouched Episode IV and the order of a certain event got a bit askew. Putting that event back in its original order pops this achievement. Now on to 50,000!

3-14-2012 – I’ve made it to 50,000 gamerscore, and just a few hours ago it read just 25 points. There was a glitch somewhere at Microsoft that reset some peoples’ gamerscores, mine included. I’m glad that it was fixed as I was really close to this ceiling.

The achievement that broke the 50,000 point barrier is The Best of the Best, earned for completing Modern Warfare 3 on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. I am now three achievements away from full completion of the game. Now on to 60,000!

9-7-2013 – It’s been 18 months since passing the 50,000 gamerscore mark, and seems like just as long since I made a gaming-related update here! This past weekend, I passed the 60,000 ceiling as well as completing all achievements in Borderlands 2. I wasn’t sure if that would push me over the edge, but it didn’t.

The achievement that broke the 60,000 barrier was Intellectually Superior from Tomb Raider. This game is fantastic. It’s one that I put down a few months ago and just recently started again in hopes of finishing it. I haven’t completed it yet, but this achievement was given for completing all optional tombs, which provide some of the most fun this game has to offer. This will probably be my last update in this post for the 360 era, as the One releases in a few months, so… Now on to 70,000!

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