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Amazon River 2012 – Day 8 – Devil’s Island, French Guiana

by on Jan.18, 2012, under Amazon River 2012, General, Vacation

This morning, under the advice of a local pilot, we will drop our anchor in a safe position off the coast of Devil’s Island. Once safely ‘brought up’ to one of Pacific Princess’ 5.8 tonne stockless anchors, we will commence our tender service. Shortly after lunchtime, we will recover our tenders and haul up the anchor. When the anchor is safely home, Pacific Princess will retrace her steps away from Devil’s Island to the open ocean, and set course for Scarborough, Tobago.

We woke up this morning at 5:30AM to calm seas. This is a good thing because it is only possible to get to Devil’s Island about 60% of the time we’ve been told. The waters here are usually rough, and last week the swells were 8 feet high.

I turned on the television in our room to view the camera in the front of the ship. I saw a small boat racing towards us from the triple island group, and a few seconds later, it was alongside us, disembarking a pilot onboard. I planned on being on the first tender out, and we picked up tender tickets 1 through 4 and got on the first tender. Once we got on shore, we started our self-guided tour around the old prison island. We immediately came across a large colony of large ants, moving leaves down a path that they had created over time. This path looked as if it were created by humans or large game animals, but it was ants that made it. We walked out on some rocks near the edge of the island and Heather picked up some rocks and a piece of wampum. Mom and Dad headed up towards the barracks on the top of the hill, and a few minutes later, we followed. This island is inhabited by many wild chickens and pigs. There are small animals that resemble large rats, but hop around like rabbits. They are very cute. We also saw a lone lizard at this time. When we reached the top, we walked through some jail cells, and I found the room that was used as a bathroom. We walked past a lighthouse and medical building, and then into the “Children’s Cemetery”. I am not sure why the only cemetery on the island is for children, but I am guessing that the majority of inmates who died here were not given proper burials. We walked along a road up to the hotel and chapel, and saw an area that was used as a swimming pool. It was overgrown with lily pads, and there was a large Iguana hanging out on a rock. It was here that we saw a large blue Macaw, and we stopped to photograph it. While here, two smaller, red Macaws flapped down next to Heather and started kissing. We saw some more chickens and a few Peacocks. We went into the hotel and bought an $8 magnet and two $4 beers. The way things are priced here is a bit strange, but I am guessing that they don’t have many visitors to this island. We then walked back down the road we came up to see a family of monkeys about 10 large. They were jumping around, swinging from trees, and people were feeding them. Heather got some really good photos of them. By the time we got back to the tender, we were dripping with sweat, and the cool towels that the deck hand gave us felt really good on our faces. We got back on board the ship, had a quick lunch up in the buffet, and took a 3 hour nap, missing wine tasting and “buy $5 get $5 free” in the casino. Oh well. For dinner I had Chicken Noodle Soup, French Onion Soup, and leg of lamb. We are now waiting for the comedian to start; his second show this cruise. Tomorrow we have a relaxing day at sea before three days at different Caribbean islands.

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